Mycenae & Nafplio Tour

Discover Nafplio, one of the most romantic cities all over Greece and the first capital of Greece after the Greek Independence War! Walk through Mycenae, the city of Agamemnon, who was king of all Greeks during the Trojan War, and realise that Homers Heliad and Odyssey describe real historical events!

The tour starts from Mycenae that is an ancient city in the Peloponnese, 140 km from Athens. Until 1871, when Heinrich Schliemann, a German pioneer of Archaeology, discovered Troy, the famous Trojan War, narrated by Homer in Heliad, was just a myth. Schliemann brought again to light, not only Mycenae, but also proved with the finds of his excavations the interaction between Greeks and Trojans.

The earliest archaeological fragments indicate that the site of Mycenae was inhabited since the 7th millennium BC, from prehistoric times. Agamemnon and Menelaus, Danae and Perseus, Pelops and Atreus are the apparent forefathers of all of Europe, and the birthplace of all of these historical figures, is golden Mycenae.

The Citadel of Mycenae is the core fortified area of the city and served both as an observatory area and as the centre of actions of the city’s defenders, in cases of enemies’ attack. The Archaelogical Museum of Mycenae is built next to the citadel. While the most important Mycenaean artifacts are exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, a variety of other objects unearthed in the vicinity are exhibited in its three halls. It provides context to the excavations and it is easily visited after a tour of the archaeological site. The Tomb of Agamemnon is the best example of a tholos tomb in existence. It was built partly into a hill, and its dromos (path to the entrance) is impressive and well preserved. According to the Greek traveler of antiquity, Pausanias, the people of his day (2 C BC) believed that the tholos graves were treasure stores. This is why it is known as a Treasury, and although it may originally have contained treasure, it was just a grave, when archaeologists discovered it. The fortification, built on the Hill of Tiryns, in order to protect the palace complex, is such an impressive construction that the ancient Greeks could not believe that it was built by human hands. All the great heroes with supernatural powers are associated with Tiryns: Bellerophon, Perseus, and Hercules. Indeed, the construction of the wall is unbelievable and a challenge to logic, even for today’s visitors. One stands in awe in front of the perfect assembly of these huge boulders, unable to understand either how or who could have performed such a great feat of engineering.

After sightseeing, Nafplio, located 24 km away from Mycenae, is the ideal destination:

Follow a dream trail starting from the medieval Old Town, with the narrow cobblestone alleys and the neoclassical well preserved mansions, into the very heart of the city, the Italianate Syntagma Square, where you can enjoy coffee, food and drinks. Nafplio is full of cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs for all tastes. Most of them are concentrated along the waterfront, looking at the port and the Bourtzi Castle.

Palamidi Fortress stands proudly 216 m above sea level. In order to reach it you have to climb all of its 999 steps carved into the rock. Not to worry, though: the view is totally rewarding! However, the most photographed spot of Nafplio –and its point of reference as well– is Bourtzi, the Venetian Castle standing on the rocky islet of Agioi Theodoroi. During the Venetian rule it was connected to the mainland through a huge metal chain that secured the port against enemy ship attacks.

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