Swimming Tour & Cape Sounion

Do you wish to have a taste of Athens Riviera and to visit the Temple of Poseidon? We will pick you up and drive you safely and conveniently!

There are two things that you should definitely bring with you: a high-quality digital camera to capture breathtaking sceneries and a high-capacity memory card to store as many pictures as you can!

First stop is a real treasure of nature, Vouliagmeni Lake sunk in the remains of a huge limestone cave fed by lukewarm springs welling from underground.

Cape Sounio is located on the southernmost tip of Attica; it is the end point of the Athenian Riviera, at a 69km distance from Athens. You will be impressed by the lovely view of the sea and of the Saronic Gulf Islands.

The Temple of Athena Sounias is built on a low hill in Sounio, a short distance from the better preserved and more visible Temple of Poseidon.

Perched on a cliff in Cape Sounio, Attica’s southeastern tip, lies the sacred Temple of Poseidon –the last piece of the ancient Athenians’ homeland every time they sailed into the Aegean. Watching the sunset envelop the Temple’s centuries-old columns in mauve and pink shades is an unforgettable experience that will definitely weave a powerful spell over you.

Yet the best are left for the end of your tour: You will enjoy a refreshing swim in one of the many and beautiful sandy beaches, or in the Vouliagmeni Lake and you will regain your energy by having a meal in a traditional Greek restaurant.

Finally, we will drive you back to where we started.

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